Air purifiers are bought and used to purify the indoor air of any type of place. Various types of pollutants pollute the indoor air of your place. Commonly found pollutants may include air borne particles like dust mite allergen and pollen etc, gases and odours in a household, tobacco, micro-organisms and volatile organic compounds etc.

But before buying the best rated air purifier you should try to reduce indoor pollution at your place by reducing or banning the indoor use of the things increasing pollution like smoking, wood fires and burning candles etc. and start using exhaust fans in various areas including laundry, kitchen and bath and vacuuming the entire space.

Moreover availability of various types of air purifiers in the market also makes it difficult to find the best one for your home. For this reason people usually prefer to ask their family, friends and colleagues who have recently purchased the best air purifier. Some people prefer to search online and read their online reviews to find the best one.

Things to consider while choosing the best air purifier:

You should buy the best rated air purifier if you do not have any system to remove indoor polluted air forcefully. Though it is not easy to find the best one due to availability of various models manufactured by various companies but still you can buy one lager in size and fast in speed so that is can quietly and easily blow away the indoor pollutants from your place. Following tips can also help you in finding the best one for you.

Comparison of the features: In order to find the best rated air purifier you should compare the features of various models carefully. An air purifier can be rated the best if it indicates when it needs to be cleaned, repaired or replaced to ensure its proper working for long. Some of them may also indicate the cleaning or replacement time of its filter to increase the time of its efficient working.


Efficiency rating of the air purifier: According to various experts you must consider the maximum clean-air delivery rating or CADR to assess the efficiency rating of the best air purifier. An air purifier with higher CADR is considered the best as it can remove three types of pollutants from your place including dust, pollen and smoke through its filter.

Certification on the box: The package of most air purifiers contain a certification issued by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers to ensure the quality of the product. This certificate is issued on the basis of various features of the air purifier including maximum CADR, extent of cleaning speed and suitability for room size etc. An air purifier can be the best one if it purifies large area speedily but quietly. Some of these labels include MERV or minimum efficiency reporting value to assess the efficiency of the product.

Types of air purifiers: Basically air purifiers can be divided into two types- room air purifiers and purifiers for whole house. The room models can be moved from one room to another for purifying air when and where required whereas whole house models can forcefully remove polluted air from the entire house through its filter and ducts.


Room air purifier models: They can be used if your rooms do not have a forced system for cooling or heating them. Most of the room air purifiers are easy to handle, lighter in weight, easily portable and lower in cost as compared to whole house models. Some of the top rated air purifiers for room use HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filter to improve its effectiveness. Some of the room model manufacturers use ionizer technology or electrostatic-precipitator to produce some ozone to reduce the amount of smoke, dust, germs, moulds and pollen from the environment but they should be used carefully as they can cause certain health problems as ozone is lung irritant.

Whole-house air purifiers: The air purifiers of this type can be used for heating the whole house with forced air. But it is a very costly option as compared to the room air-purifiers right from it installation to its operation.

Thus the information provided in this write-up can help you in choosing the best rated air purifier of your choice easily.

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    I adore my air purifier, it not only improve indoor air quality but also reduce indoor allergy symptoms, it is very important for me


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